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Our webinar programme will give you insights from sector and market specialists on essential topics and opportunities to grow your business. Get your questions answered through our live interactive sessions or watch our free playback sessions.


Well-Being and Mental Health in the Workplace

In this webinar, we'll be looking at how companies can build a holistic model for well-being in the workplace and how mental health can impact on business and return on investment. 

Presented by Marion Devine, a senior researcher in human capital at the Conference Board Europe.

Tuesday 31 March, 10am - 11am


American Digital Health, MedTech, and Life Sciences Export Opportunity

Join us for an introduction to AVIA and an overview of the current status of the US healthcare industry. The webinar will also show you how to access a direct link to the solution profiling tool, AVIA Connect.

This platform allows Scottish SMEs to profile their products and services directly to US Healthcare Systems, who post profiles and list current needs.

Wednesday 1 April, 3pm - 4:30pm


EU Funding for Innovative Companies

The Enterprise Europe Network Scotland, along with the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) and Innovate UK are hosting a funding event for innovative companies. Come learn about the wide variety of funding available and the support on offer to Scottish applicants.

Please note that this event focuses on funding granted by the EU rather than Scottish Enterprise funding. This event was originally scheduled to be held at The Scotsman on 18th March but has since been moved to webinar sessions.

Thursday 2 April, 1pm - 3pm

Essential Brexit webinars

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What is the latest in European Low Carbon Innovation Funding?

Watch this webinar to hear the latest in European Low Carbon Innovation Funding, despite the uncertainties that Brexit presents. Conall McGinley, Craig Moir and Helen Fairclough provide their insights in this informative webinar. Recorded 30 July 2019. Slides for this webinar start at 2:08 minutes in.

Selling into the financial services industry 

GlobalScot Alasdair Anderson joined us the first in the 'A Trading Nation' webinar series. In this webinar, Alasdair provides insights into selling into the financial services industry. Recorded 2 July 2019. Slides for this webinar start at 1:50 minutes in. 

Language and interpreting resources for Scottish exporters

Watch this webinar hosted by Dr Jonathan Downie for Scottish businesses who may require language services when exporting products from Scotland. Recorded 23 May 2019. Slides for this webinar start at 1:50 minutes in.

Importing and exporting in a potential no-deal EU exit

Hear our colleagues from HMRC and the Welsh Government for an insight into what the future of business may look like in the event of a no-deal EU exit. Recorded May 2019. Slides for this webinar start at 2:10 minutes in.

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